Sunday, November 2, 2008

Here I Go

Some big changes are coming.
I'm beginning to feel Anxious

I am so excited to be close to home again, and back in the city, and i am so excited to have a job that i love.

I can't believe i got a job at the canyons, i hope it is all that i think it will be.

I am worried about living in SL though, if i work in Park City. The reason i quit my job a few years ago is because i hated the drive so much. It is scary, there are so many fatal accidents in Parleys canyon. I don't even have a car! but hopefully i will by then. Of course if I live in park city though, it would be OK if i didn't have a car, because they have a free transit system.

Maybe i can spend any stormy nights at a friend's house in PC? i don't know.....

I will miss all my buds in Logan, but i don't think i will miss the city at all.
It will be really great to have a Target close by, as well as a whole foods market.
The cops here are power hungry psychopaths, wont miss them.
I will miss Anthony
and Chester
and the free bus system for sure.
I will love being able to eat out and actually get good food.
Logan really needs more local restaurants, with a larger menu. Maybe a vegetarian restaurant?

ugh i can't stop thinking about this, is sugarhouse going to work out for me?

I have been thinking about Germany a lot. I want to go, soon, and for a long time. now that i am leaving school maybe i should do it. I could Nanny.

Hopefully I am prepared for all of these changes. Me and Stress don't go well together.

It will all work out though, it will have to.

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