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The following is a note that my friend Steve posted on his facebook today.

"I cannot describe the unbelievable happiness that was election night; I watched the nation elect the first African-American president in a sweeping landslide. I was so thrilled because this was the beginning of a new America when fear no longer reigns, but instead hope is king. This win is the culmination of everything I've watched and hoped for in the past 11 months. With three of the best friends I will ever have at my side, I witnessed history unfolding.

I've always thought that politics should be more respectful, and that if people simply listen to each other, some sort of consensus can be built. This post, however, is not as political as it is personal. I really want people to read this as long as they are willing to put biases aside and think about what I am saying to them.

This morning I awoke to learn that proposition 8 has is on track to pass in California by 300,000 votes, and that gay marriage will soon be outlawed in the California constitution. This almost destroys all the happiness that this Obama win has created for me. I know that Utah was really a big player in this issue, and that many of my friends supported proposition 8. And that's okay; there is no reason why friends should get into huge arguments over political things. But I cannot emphasize to you enough how much it hurtful it is that friends of mine supported prop. 8. Before you think about your religion or any other predisposed opinions you have, I would like you to take a second and think about the human toll that prop. 8 and discrimination against homosexuals in general has. There are millions of us homosexuals in this nation, and they have been treated like second-class citizens for a long time; and yet we work hard, we pay taxes, we salute the same flag, we often pray to the same God. We're just the same as you. What proposition 8 means is that the fight for gay rights has suffered an incredible blow.

What it also means is that I will continue to be treated like a second class citizen, and second class human being. That's essentially what this is, beyond all the politics and religion, is people suffering because of the actions of others, being treated like inferior people. And of course, nobody (at least none of my friends) would ever say that they deem homosexuals inferior. But that's exactly what is happening. "We love you but we can't support you in your fight for equal rights." Why? Isn't that what friendship is? Supporting each other? Caring for each other? Respecting each other? Some of my own friends, people who love and care for me, didn't love and care for me enough to fight for my rights, my civil liberties, my humanity. I think that hurts more than anything else, and it absolutely crushes me. Imagine all of the homosexuals across this nation, and what they have gone through to have their humanity affirmed. Imagine all of the tears this morning, all of the destroyed dreams and hopes for a better life and a better tomorrow. Imagine me, your friend, who you love. I will never be able to marry the person I love (like you will), I will never be able to enjoy the same rights (that you have), I may never be able to adopt (like you can), I can't apply for any job I want (like you can). What would it feel like if I had tried to take these things away from you?

Religion is a poor excuse for prop. 8. One of the only reasons that so many people supported prop 8 here in Utah is because the Church told you to, so you followed. But think about what Christianity (and particularly the LDS faith) is all about. It's not about discrimination, hate, and inequality; it's about love, compassion, and tolerance. “If anyone says, 'I love God,' yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen (1 John 4:20).” Look deeper into the meaning of Christ's life. He was about loving each other, helping each other, being charitable towards each other. Scripture is teeming with references to the love that Christ had for all people, and the love that God has for all his children. If we are to love through Christ, we must practice compassion, love, and tolerance; otherwise, we are fooling ourselves into believing we are living the lives that God wants us to lead.

Here's the bottom line: the institution of marriage is in no way affected by a gay couple getting married by the state. Your lives, in fact, are completely untouched by it. Completely. How many marriages have you seen that have fallen apart since California began allowing same-sex marriage? Has the institution of marriage been destroyed? No. So what are you afraid of? Deep down in your hearts you must know that nothing is going to change in your lives, but the change in my life and the lives of the millions of other homosexuals across this country will be affected greatly if same-sex marriage is allowed (and tolerated/respected). People should be allowed to conduct their lives without other people interfering.

I can't shake the sadness and frustration that over 5 millions Californians think that we are inferior citizens, and that we don't deserve the same rights. But even worse is the soul-crushing realization that people who love me, and are close to me, supported such a thing. I didn't choose my sexuality, I can't help it. Why should I be punished for it? What happened to the America I know and love? I saw it last night in the election of Obama, but sadly, my faith in the people of America has taken a blow once again. My own friends think that I am an inferior person, and that hurts more than anything, and certainly more than anything else you could do to me.

I just wanted you to hear that. This is not something that will impact my friendship with or love for any of you, but I just thought I would say this. Please, I beg of you, don't argue with me in the comments. This is not about politics, or opinions, this is about me and the millions of other homosexuals out there; this is about the human toll, and there is no arguing that many people are absolutely crushed this morning. I'm bearing my soul here. So if you have something negative or argumentative to say about this post, please keep it in; this is the wrong forum.

I love you all and wish you the best.


I agree with Steve 100%
Steve is my friend, an i am offended that anybody thinks that my friend does not dexerve the same rights as everyone else.

The United States of America Is supposedly a free country, where all men are created equal. I do not believe that that statement is entirely true, many people are not allowed some of the rights that i beleive are Fundamental Human rights, but i did believe california had taken a huge step towards the Freedom and equality that america proclaims when they began alllowing Gay marriage earlier this year.

I am so disappointed in the outcome of the election on this issue. I believe that the country had the opportunity to prove that we are a free country, and we do believe that people are created equally, which is what i believe, and that is why i think that all people should have the same rights as i have. I have the right to choose who i Marry. I believe it is unfari that i am able to marry the person that i Love, but another person has been stripped of this fundamental right because of their sexual preference.

I personally am so tired of hearing people say that they think that being gay is ok, or that they have friends who are gay, but that they supported prop 8, and do not think that their "friends" should have the same riths as them.


if you have said this, you are lying to yourself. You obviously do think there is something wrong with homosexuality if you believe so strongly that they do not deserve the same rights as you, and i dont think any true friend would think it was ok that they have more rights than their friend.

The fact is, I do not believe homosexuality is morally wrong, and if you do that is ok because this is supposed to be a free country where we are allowed to believe what we want.

I feel that amendments such as this one limit our right to believe what we want to believe, and i do not think that the government should have any say in our own personal moral values and Beliefs. Therefore, i do not think that Moral issues such as gay rights, and abortion should be issues that are voted on. When theses laws are made, the government is imposing everyone else's beliefs and moral values upon me, and that is not something that should be happening in a FREE COUNTRY.

whether you think homosexuality is right or wrong is not the issue here, EQUAL RIGHTS is the issue, and we have not achieved equality or freedom yet in the USA

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