Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh Man. I have been so over blogging lately. I try. I write a draft. It just sits there, never to be posted. I have been over most things really, except for thing that make me feel like the old me.

 Sometimes I miss that old me SO MUCH! I want to go to parties, get silly drunk, and crash at a friend's place. I want to have the entire day to tear apart and repaint, reorganize, and redecorate a room. I want to go shopping alone, and not have to chase a rowdy toddler around the store, under clothing racks, and hope she doesn't break anything.

But, that's all part of the deal. I would never give up Hazel for that stuff, but that doesn't mean I can't miss it.

The mountains are beautiful. The mountains are lonely. I've said that before. It's still very true. Spending times with my friends in the valley only makes me feel it more. The place I live and love is so far away from the people I love. Its a bummer.

This little girl is really getting big. She does the sweetest things, and despite all of our shortcomings as parents, she really really loves us. She is so silly and happy in the mornings to wake up and play with us. She loves to yell "Daddy" when she can hear him upstairs, or she can see him from our deck outside. She also gives lots of kisses. She is great at climbing the ladder from the bedroom to the living room. In other words, she is Badass.

also, I got instagram. I'm pretty sure all of the 8 people who read my blog already know that. @mydearhazel

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G said...

It must be hard sometimes thinking of what you give up .. but then you remember your beautiful wee girl is all worth it anyway.