Sunday, June 17, 2012

I haven't blogged in forever. Worse, this blog will contain no photos.

A few things:

-Today was Fathers Day. I love all the dads in my life. A TON!

-When we were at PC Silly market the most horribly inappropriate, vulgar, disgusting song ever came on over the PA. I expected they would hurry and change it. They didn't. We left. Then I wrote them a nasty email. Really though, it is a family function.

-I met a little girl named Mabel. SO CUTE. I have also met a baby Lois recently, which is my grandmother's name. I love these old fashioned names. Our list (which is talked about constantly, although we don't plan on being pregnant anytime soon) contains the names Gwen, Rosemary, Agnes, and Gertrude. Our list of boy names is empty.

-Hazel had an awful night. Then she had an awful day. She just nursed, and nursed, and nursed, and slept, and slept and slept, and cried a ton. I was frustrated, because I couldn't get anything done.Then I noticed her gums swelling around where her lower molars should be. Poor thing.

-The zoo is far more exhausting when it is crowded.

-I have a ton of sewing to do. I'm not ever agreeing to sew things for other people again, even if they are paying me. I can sew something so quickly if it is for myself, or I want to do it, but as soon as there is something in the queue that I don't want to do I avoid that machine like the plague. ugh.

-I bought white shorts. I have to wash them between every wear. I don't do that. I try to wear my clothes a few times before I wash them. It's bugging me. I am considering dyeing them a different color. Coral maybe.

-I bought a shirt from the thrift for two dollars. It is sort of a dark coral, with white polka dots. It's like many of the tops I have seen at modcloth and ruche, a button up with a collar. It was big, and had no contouring, so I took in the side seams, and added darts in the back. I love it. Also, I am proud of myself, and I feel like this opens up a new world in clothes shopping for me. As I begin to understand tailoring, and garment sewing more, I can buy cheap, large things from the thrift store and make rad clothes out of them.

-I bought mint skinny jeans 4 years ago from Pac Sun when I was working at the ski resort. I don't know why. Then I cut them into shorts, because I never wore them. Now, although I have cute mint shorts, I wish I hadn't done it. I really want mint jeans.

That is all

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