Saturday, June 2, 2012

How Pinterest Saved My Fashion Sense....I Think.

I am a horrible shopper.

I love shopping. Or at least I did before it entailed toting around a screaming, wiggling, uninterested baby, who has absolutely no valuable advice on what looks good and what doesn't.

I Absolutely love new clothes. However, I have never, ever, ever been able to put together the perfect ensemble. I have never had a piece of clothing that was versatile, and worked with many of my other pieces. Sometime I would think I had a good thing going, and then I would see a picture of myself and think "Why didn't anyone tell me I looked ridiculous!". I have become more and more frustrated with my failure of a wardrobe.

When Mike agreed that I needed new clothes, and said we could put some money aside for it this month, I decided I needed a plan.

No more buying things on a whim.

I needed to find specific clothes that all worked together, and that I could create multiple outfits from. Naturally, I started with pinterest. I looked and looked through my boards, and my friends boards, and then when I decided on an item I searched pinterest for the item, and collected all of the different ways of styling that particular item. Then I looked for common items, and items that would work well between my chosen pieces. Then I made a visual shopping list with pictures of all of the items.

So, I went shopping. First on the list? Green skinny jeans. You would not believe how long it took me to find those! But when I did, they were only $15.00, from Aeropostale (a place I NEVER shop at), SERIOUSLY, $15.00! So, I got my black skinnies, green skinnies, hot pink skinnies, pastel yellow skinnies, and a pair of white shorts, A lace top, a striped tank, a color-blocked top, a gingham button down, a chambray button down, and a polka-dot top. I got leopard flats, cobalt flats, a cute hat, a few bracelets. I painted my nails, bought lipstick that isn't close to my natural lip-color (which is basically a first) and learned a little more about make-up. The best thing is, all of my tops could potentially be worn with all of my bottoms. Most of the items aren't things I am worried about going out of fashion anytime soon. Items I hope to be able to wear for a long time.

Afterwards I came home I looked at the clothing I have been hanging onto, and while some of it is cute, and some will work with my new clothes, I was ready to get rid of so much of it. A few Items I realized would be wearable if I put my sewing skills to use, and turned them into better-fitting, clothing. Old jeans that do nothing for my figure were turned into skinnies, some tops were taken in. I am feeling much much better about my clothes now. I have wasted a lot of time and money shopping for things that don't work at all with the things already in my closet. Then, when I found something that did work I would wear it and wear it until it bit the dust.

After all of this, I read this awesome series on Kendi Everyday about having a working closet, which EVERYONE should read. It basically cemented what I learned from this experience. I will hold myself to MUCH higher standards about what I will or wont buy. Her rule about making sure a piece could create at least 5 outfits is perfect. Having a plan, shopping around, keeping things organized, and shopping your own closet are all things that I have never really done before. Now I have a list of things that my closet needs, and things that I want. for example I need a pair of strappy tan heels. They will go with everything I bought, a ton of stuff I already have, and are very versatile. I want another pair of shorts, but I already have enough to get me through the summer, albeit, a little less fashionably. I need a coral necklace, because you can't wear turquoise with everything. I want more rings, but I have plenty of those. I need a pencil skirt because I don't own a single one. I want a sheer green top, but It wouldn't work well with my green skinnies, so It didn't make the need list. If I can get all of the items on my need list, then I can consider buying some of my wants, IF it is in the monthly budget (which it isn't because I blew a ton of money on these clothes).

So anyways, I think I did a good job, and learned a lot. I only wish I had accessorized a little, because my closet is seriously lacking in that area. Does anyone else put this much planning into shopping, and creating a working wardrobe?

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