Wednesday, October 26, 2011


THIS Wee one.
Curled up tight.
Snuggled on my lap.
Nursing. Nuzzling. Sleeping. Cuddling.

My favorite time of daymy life.

These little whisps of hair are growing longer.
Her little voice grows louder.
Her face, rounder. more expressive.
Her movements, more deliberate.
Her eyes, more curious.

I imagine her a year from now
curled up on the same mama-lap.
Tiny curls, and skinned knees, and long, toddler legs.
Yearning for understanding.
yet, same.
same eyes. same soul.
We'll be sittin in this same loft, late late at night.
and she will be
Nursing. Nuzzling. Sleeping. Cuddling.

Slow down

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