Wednesday, August 17, 2011

OHHHver it!

Today I had just about had it. I'm a mess. I can't keep anything straight, I'm so disorganzed. I am not ready for school, I have all of these different projects sitting around waiting to be finished, and I have no idea when my sewing machine will arrive at the shop, therefore I have no idea what day I will be driving to salt lake to pick it up. I have done absolutely nothing for the past 4 days. I haven't gone anywhere or seen anyone, and I haven't even lifted a finger to do house-work. Mike has come home every day, and made dinner, and done laundry. Im at the point where just looking at a project. or thinking about figuring out school is so overwhelming that I just ignore it all. And get this, this week isn't all that different from any other week. UGH what is wrong with me? I have officially earned the worst-housewife-ever award.

 But when I was ready to have a mini (or not so mini) breakdown today, Hazel wanted to cuddle. She hasn't been too into cuddling lately. She likes to be held, but outward so she can see everything. She hasn't done the whole rest her head on my chest things for a while now, and when she did it today it kind of pushed all of those other things that were bothering me away. Maybe this baby knows what I need just as much as I know what she needs.

Now, I need to make a list......