Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Few Updates, Sans Photos

about a week ago Mike's mom Barbara and I went on a little shopping excursion. We were on a mission to find Sanuks for mike to wear for the wedding. Odd, I know, but mike can't wear flip flops, they hurt is big toe that he's broken numerous times. I hate those sandals that have that giant strap that goes right over your foot. I don't know why, but I've never seen a pair that I like. I think they make your feet look awful. Those are mike's favorite sandals. ugh

I digress

the mission: REI:fail, Kirkhams:fail, Salty Peaks:fail,

So I thought, let's see if any of the store's that carry toms have the white glitters, or white linens. The two pairs I think i could possibly wear for my wedding have been discontinued. why would the stop making either of those? they are awesome, and Toms has lost a sale over it, which means that some poor kid who would have gotten a free pair of shoes if toms still sold the white glitters, is going to be shoeless until i can afford to buy the burlap ones i have been dreaming of.
Needless to say White Glitter Toms:FAIL

Luckily i walked into a shoe store and found some dainty little white sandals with flowers on them. Got my shoes for the wedding.

So i thought, Buckle has Sanuks. Off we went to buckle, a store that i haven't been into in a long time. I was simply never impressed with anything they carried.


they had the most kick ass sandals for mike
the kind i hate with the giant strap that goes right over his entire foot
but they were actually pretty cool, and i knew as soon as i saw them
they were the ones for mike.

We boughtem, and as i was turning around i saw
a perfect vest for mike to wear for our wedding.
I had been looking for an effing vest all over the planet!!
right there in buckle
a store i would never shop at
was a perfect vest!
We bought that too.

We had a perfect shopping day, and I went home dreaming of how awesome we'd look on our wedding day in our awesome freaking outfits!


mike hated the vest :(
of course he didn't tell me he hated the vest
until we went to pibs. If you haven't been to pibs, you gotta go!
It's like the go to spot for costume parties. they always have the sickest 80's gear, or redneck gear. IF you're really lucky you can also score some really stylish, inexpensive good looking clothing, which happened for mike.

He picked up this Jacket.
I'm not so into the idea of a jacket for a beachy wedding.
apparently mike is
and my dreams of a man in a vest were thrown out the window.

This is my wedding, and as silly as it is, I'm sure some of you understand the small breakdown that followed in the car after mike purchased said jacket as I moped back to the car.
I was acting like he shot my puppy
but he kinda had

I'm such a baby

But I thought about it
and came up with a solution.

his snazzy jacket would actually look really good with a pair of shorts and his beachy sandals!

After all, It's a casual beach wedding
My dress isn't white
it's yellow
and so he can wear shorts to our wedding

All is well. It worked out. happy ending.

I had a super great day this Thursday that started out with a 2 year old's birthday party @ the zoo!

We used to celebrate megan's birthday at the zoo when she was tiny, and it brought back so many memories. I'm a pretty nostalgic person. I get really sad about things changing. I haven't been to the zoo in YEARS! so I was a little mad when a lot of it was different. NOT mad i suppose, but sad. I like things to be just like i remember. that never happens. things change. I just have to get used to it. I got over it quick.
BUT i still think that the zoo was better when i was a kid.

the party ended with a kid throwing up. Ha. It's never a party until someone throws up.

after the zoo, I was planning on a hike with my friend Brandon. I HAD to buy new clothes for this hike. I'm pretty good at justifying shopping. He said i needed clothes i could get wet in, which i hadn't brought, so i went and bought some awesome clothes to hike in.

We went up little cottonwood and "spider manned" through a field of boulders the size of cars and then we jumped is some freaking sub zero degree river. I wish that I would think about how much fun little spontaneous adventures are when I'm refusing to get out of bed every morning. I've wasted so many mornings (like this one I'm wasting right now writing this) sitting home when i could be out in nature. I live in the freaking woods after all!

Anyways, after the Hike we went to Rubios to get shrimp burritos. I don't know why there isn't a big hype about rubios like there is about cafe rio. I'm pretty sure my regular shrimp burrito from rubios KILLS my regular pork burrito from cafe rio. needless to say they were absolutely delicious
except for some reason Brandon hates cilantro

THEN we went to Tyler and Jessie's Wedding reception in provo canyon. What a Bash! It was great to see a few Friends from college.

2 1/2.
We carpooled with our friend mark. He is staying at the Ronald Mcdonald house while his little son Michael waits for surgery. Little Michael must have been one and a half when they found a tumor growing right on top of his optic nerve. It was so scary! recent scans show that the tumor has stopped growing, but during his treatments he suffered a stroke that left him mostly blind, and without use of his left side. It's a sad story, but mark and his wife are handling it so well. They are moving to Ohio were Mark will go to Grad school this fall. It was great to see him before they go, and great to hear that little Michael, now 3, is doing better. The surgery was to remove his port, meaning he is done with treatments, at least for a while.

I can't imagine having to go through something so difficult! It makes you really stop and think about how lucky we all are to have what we have, and to have it so easy. Most of us forget that there are many people in our communities that have problems that are so much more serious that our own insignificant problems.

3. Yesterday I went on a walk with my sister in law Kristy, and my little niece ella. I really like Heber i decided, and I really like going on walks with kristy.

4. I hear this song called Little Lion Man by an amazing band out of london called Mumford and Sons on the ALT Nation station on our SIRUS sattellite radio . IT IS THE BEST SONG and I am downloading their album right now! I'm probably more excited about this than i should be, but listen to it!

thats all


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