Tuesday, July 13, 2010

current events

We went to the Jazz Festival in Salt Lake for Barbara & Gene's Anniversary.
Then we went to Al Fornos, which is probably the best italian restaraunt in UT.
It was delicious.

We Hiked Bald Mountain (elev. 11,943) with the doggies.
The view from up there is amazing, you can see our canyon, like 8 lakes, and Hayden Peak (elev 12,479) which we are planning on climbing this summer. Mike is a big time mountain climber. He's climbed all kinds of 14ers, and he Skiis off of them. Insane.

We had a little family dinner at Don Pedros in Heber for Jake and Kristy's Birthday. Little ella is getting so big! What an awesome baby girl.

I took the boys to the splash pad at Basin Rec
I didn't get any good pictures of Jesse, because he would only get wet if I was holding him.
Casey had a great time though. He loves the water. He even gets in the lake at the "leach lake park" and I end up peeling leaches off of him. He doesn't care.
I watch the boys about 4 days a week.
I love em

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megan said...

it was my birthday too ya know...