Saturday, September 12, 2009

Update : Life in Park City

I quit biting. This is only about 5 days without biting, look how short:( im awful. today was my 2 week mark! If you know me, you know this is a big deal. REALLY!

Been Boating probably like 30 times this summer, at least. I go as soon as i get off work, around like 5 3 times a week, plus the weekends. At first i just chilled on the boat because of my ACL, which i tore skiing in March. This is Jimmy and I.

The Boys taught me to Surf :) Just wait until i get to the Ocean, I'm really killin it behind the boat.

The Crew. people come and go, but Jimmy Dugo and I never miss a chance.

I found some really amazing artists lately. I am lookin for Tattoo Ideas. I want all of my tattoos to be very pretty, and not colorful. Classy, girly, ones i wont regret.

I just love this picture, her hair and face are so beautiful.

REALLY want a dress like this
Pretty wedding dinner table
This little girl is so pretty, i cant wait until i have a baby girl someday. Josher had his baby, They named her Ella May. Pictures are on the way.
These are the tatoo ideas that im almost sure im going to get. This pattern i want to fade out, i want it on my right shoulder, and it to crawl i tiny ways over the front, and a tiny ways up the back of my neck.
This one im a little less sure of, its pretty, and i know i wouldnt regret it, but im still just not sure about it, or where i'd want it.

I'm definitely getting this, at the bottom of my left shoulder blade and a little to the right. I've wanted it for a long time.

I hate taking other people's ideas, but i jsut really love how simple this is. i would get it somewhere else though, maybe more of a foot/ankle thing, or wrapping one of my sides but high up on my ribs.

This would also look good wrapping my sides, and if the artist could get the color to look like that then i definitely want it somewhere. i also thought somewhere on a leg or upper arm. It's really pretty, and has so many different flowers, Leaves, and Birds. Some of my favorite things.

Too Many Birds? Maybe, but i love them......we'll see. One tatoo at a time, i have to keep telling myself that.

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