Friday, July 29, 2011

LOOOONG Fulfilling Day

It is almost 2 AM and boy, it has been a LOOOONG dayI was planning on doing this little project today
a quick run to the craft store, then off to my brother's to use his photoshop
and do some printing ( I don't currently own photoshop, or, at least this morning, a printer)
but he said he didn't have any ink
so I went to my sister's
but after an hour of trying to install her printer
I concluded, along with the tech support form DELL, that the printer was incompatible with windows 7
So, extremely frustrated, around 2 PM already, I called Mike.
He suggested I buy a printer.
What a Saint.
So I bundled Hazel and I up in the car, and headed to Best Buy.
thirty minutes later, printer in hand, I drove back to Megan's
Only to face more frustration with the different programs on my computer (or lack thereof)
In the end, I had to settle for Microsoft works word processor. HAH
I headed home in the midst of a mental breakdown, ready to give up on this prject and buy a baby blanket.....
It worked out, with the help of my mom and her sewing machine :)
The "Project" is a gift for a friend's baby shower:
A little birth journal, completely home-made by me (and my mum). Even bound be me :)
And then I made some home-made sugar-coffee body scrub.
The Caffeine is SOOO good for your skin you know.
It turned out a little more abrasive than I would like. Maybe if i let it sit in its oils for a few days
it will soften up a bit.
All these things sure are a lot more time consuming
now that I have a small person to keep alive.
AND THEN after all of that, it was probably almost midnight
and I looked around and my house was a STY!
So I cleaned the Kitchen, switched over the laundry,
and folded the enormous pile of clean clothes that was
towering over a sleeping Hazel on our couch
and That is how I got to 2:00 AM AWAKE!
It took me the entire day to finish that one project, and finally Hazel went to sleep for good and I got a shload of stuff done. Perhaps I should stay up late more often. I feel a lot more productive this way.

The cover of the birth-day journal I made
It turned out SOOO great. Maybe I will sell them on Etsy.

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