Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Girl

Hazel. Hazey. Hazelnut. Nut. Suckerfish. Eggroll. Baby. Wrinkles. Long Legs. Little Tiny. Milkface.
So many names.
I'm smitten. Overcome. Elated.
On cloud nine.
I'm a Mom.
I've been told, and imagined how much it would change my life.
I had no Idea.
My universe has been flipped upside down.

I'm afraid I will forget this. Her little tiny squeaky noises. Her long, squirmy legs. The way she moves her arms when she sleeps. Wrinkly forehead. Perfect baby-doll lips.

I woke up last night to her little hand stroking my face.
Sleeping next to her is better than anything.
I never want to leave her side, and I don't want her to grow up.
My perfect, tiny girl.
I want to spend my days kissing her toes and nose and cheeks and tummy.
Taking in her smallness, with all of my senses.
Staring at her sleepy face, gazing in her big wide-open newborn eyes.
I don't ever want it to change.

She is so happy, So peaceful, so easy to take care of. The only hard thing about any of this is knowing it will change. It wont be forever. I can't just come back here, to this moment, and hold my five-day-old baby.

These last five days have been the best of my life. Nothing I've ever experienced even compares. Every day, and every moment is so  much more precious than it was before. The days are going too fast.

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