Friday, March 18, 2011

babies, babies, it's all I talk about I know.

I spent a little while yesterday morning just watching my belly move. It is really the greatest thing I have ever seen or felt. I go back and forth from feeling so confident and ready for this baby to come, and feeling a little bit unprepared. I think that is how I'm supposed to feel.
I'm lucky that our decision to have a home-birth has been received very well by everyone we know. It makes me feel good to know that the people who love and care about me trust that I make my decisions wisely.

I know a lot of people probably don't understand why we would want to have a home-birth, or would think that it is risky or dangerous. I have done months of research, read so many books. It's not risky or dangerous. If I had a high risk pregnancy, than maybe, but my pregnancy has been completely normal. We know we have made the best decision for us and our baby.
Here is our Midwife's Website: Fern Midwifery

How am I 32 weeks pregnant already? Where has the time gone? She will be here so soon.

Today Barbara and I had a little cloth-diapering shopping spree. We are planning on using prefolds mostly, since they are the most affordable, and are really much easier then people make them out to be. We did splurge on a few Bum-Genius extra small diapers, just for the first couple months. They are tiny (6-12 lbs), and so so adorable. Mike kept saying, "is her bum really going to be that small?". When she grows out of those, and through the G diapers we already have (8-15 lbs), then we will be getting some adjustable one-size fits all diapers (7-35 lbs), which will last until she is potty trained. So far we are only about $200 in, and will probably only spend $200 more on cloth diapering supplies. Maybe $300 when you factor in flannel wipes instead of disposable. $500  for over 2 years of diapering, and then we can use it all for the second baby. It seems like a lot up front, but go ahead and look up how much diapering costs per child for 2+ years of disposables and wipes. It's a lot. ( if we had planned better, and not jumped the gun and bought the G-diapers before I did all the research, we would have saved about $75 more.)
Just look at that cute little Dipe!

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