Monday, April 27, 2009

I want to
live alone
in a tiny apartment
with mismatched dishes

and pretty art
and flowers
and a deck or porch
that i can have coffee on every morning
and a bike
with a basket

that i can ride to the farmers market
and fill with fresh fruit
and delicious bread
and lots of veggies

i want a job that i love
that i can ride my bike to
where i get to talk to people all day

I want potted herbs
in my tiny kitchen

I want to learn to spend time alone
being productive

preserving jam or veggies
making things
for my little home

I want to be independent
not have to worry too much about money

maybe have a dog
or a friend with a dog that i can pretend is mine

I want to spend a day at the park
in short shorts
or a sundress
on a blanket
maybe with a cute boy

I want full bookshelves
and beautiful things
one of a kind things
and plenty of shoes

Weekly Sushi
Monthly Pedicure
plenty of camping trips
and swimming at the lake


and someday,
far in the future
I'll probably find someone to marry

and who could ask for anything more perfect
than this


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