Saturday, December 6, 2008

I Really Really Want

This house in Park City. It is Beautiful inside an out, i know because i have been inside it, and i want it bad. Too bad i will never be able to afford a house in Park City, UT.

and these awesome swings

And i want to get married in this simple little J Crew dress

Maybe on a Boat?

Or at a lighthouse in Maine

And perhaps, after i purchase my house in Park City, i will buy this house

Of course this is all assuming that i either marry a rich man, or rob a few banks

I want to Travel a lot
and learn Spanish, French, and German.
Kayak down Waterfalls
Climb mountains
Snowboard from a Helicopter

Have a wonderful home full of antiques and one of a kind pieces of furniture
always ride my bike
camp A LOT
build a tree house
throw Classy fun little house parties and barbecues
to celebrate things like elections
Learn a lot about making cocktails, and tasting wine
brew my own beer

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